Links Less Creepy Than A Keira Knightley PSA

This is where I contemplated making a joke about domestic violence.

And here’s where I change the subject with some Scarlett Johansson trying to sell you booze while looking hot ads. [HuffPo]

Miley Cyrus‘ grandma is really rocking whatever look she’s got going on there. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]

Reasons not to call 911: Because you’re locked in your car. Because you don’t know how to open things like car doors. [EbaumNation]

Yesterday a necklace, today Miriah Carey is gonna show us her nipple. [CityRag]

Kristen Stewart is scared of Twilight fans, which means we have at least one thing in common. [ICYDK]

I’m not super-super interested in an Helena Bonham Carter upskirt. But different strokes and all. Site NSFW [TaxiDriverMovie]

The Zack Efron wax figure looks like I’d imagine a Zack Efron figure in It’s A Small World would look like. He’d wave to you at the end of your ride and play some pre-recorded phrase that didn’t make any sense. Like “In it to win it!” [LaineyGossip]