Links Subtler Than Georgia O’Keefe

I wonder what people will be saying about her prom dress this year. [EbaumNation]

Hayden Panettiere swims with sharks. I would make a joke, but these pictures are actually pretty damn cool. [ICYDK]

You can just see the beginnings of a crack in this Sarah Connor photo. I think it’s called a liberty bell shot… because calling it an “cocaine derivative introduced by the government to prey on the poor black population” shot is not PC anymore. Site NSFW. [TaxiDriverMovie]

Ryan Reynolds admits having a man-crush on Robert Pattinson. Which means Scarlett Johansson is wide open for a guided tour of affair town. [ImNotObsessed]

Does Miriah Carey have a new big diamond necklace? Of course. [LaineyGossip]

Awww. Is Brad Pitt‘s life stressful? Awwwww. Pwoor Bwad. [FatbackMedia]

And why has it been so hard to find interesting links? Maybe Heidi Montag can explain what day it is. [Twitter]

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