Jennifer Aniston is a Joy To Work With

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Monday was the first day of shooting on Jennifer Aniston’s next bomb, The Baster, and today, yes today, guess what kind of story is out? You’ll never guess! OK! Magazine reports:

Perhaps Jen was trying to stay in character between takes, because witnesses tell OK! wasn’t any friendlier when the cameras stopped rolling. “Jen kept mostly to herself,” one on-set source reveals. “She didn’t talk to anyone during the breaks.”…”In the morning, the cast and crew had to wait to start filming without Jen because she asked for extra time to finishing blow-drying her hair,” reveals one source. And when the lunch bell rang, not only did Jen not deign to eat her Cobb salad in the company of her new co-workers, she actually had herself driven to her trailer so she could eat alone! “Jen refused to walk even a step outside the restaurant during the break for lunch,” says an insider. “She had her car pull up right next to the restaurant so she could be driven less than a block to her trailer to avoid photographers.”

Okay, so either all the tabloid magazines have secret meetings in an underground volcano lair to make up stories about this chick or Jennifer Aniston is just an insufferable bitch. Every story about this chick is the same. Every one. Johnny Depp, an actor who, by their own admission, has made other actors starstruck, is widely known for being extremely generous and sometimes overly accommodating to his fans (a few examples here and here). Jennifer Aniston can’t even condescend to talk to the crew. And please keep in mind, this is Jennifer Aniston we’re talking about. If actors were cars on a racetrack, Aniston would be a wagon pulled by a cat.