Britney Spears is Over Her Points

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As well all know, Britney Spears’ life revolves around moderation and healthy life choices, so of course while on tour, the food on her private jet is going to reflect that. Star Magazine says:

Her Gulfstream IV jet is full of junk food and yapping dogs! “The plane is stocked with Twinkies, beef jerky and M&Ms,” a source tells Star. “When she’s done, she just throws the wrappers on the floor.” Running around through the mess are two puppies!” They scoot around like crazy,” says the source.

Some people might think because this is Star that this story is completely made up, but please keep in mind that this is what it looks like when Britney invites a magazine to her house, so you can only imagine the unadulterated trans fat orgy that goes on when nobody is around. Of course her plane looks like this. You’d have a better chance of finding a wormhole or hatching dinosaur eggs on that thing that you would a celery stick and a bottle of water.

Anybody remember when Britney looked like this? I think I speak for everyone with a penis when I say, “Hey, Britney. Fuck you.”: