Megan Fox Goes Kid’s Choice

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You can tell you are getting old when the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards offers absolutely nothing you want to see. Check out this MTV roundup:

The first award of the night, Favorite TV Show, was handed out by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and went to “iCarly.” “We wouldn’t be up here without you guys,” the show’s star, Miranda Cosgrove, told the super-excited crowd. Tons of celebs made appearances throughout the night, like Favorite Male Singer winner Jesse McCartney, Will Ferrell, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Jackman, all of whom got slimed, a time-honored KCA tradition.

Although she wasn’t there to claim her Blimp, Selena Gomez won Favorite TV Actress for her work on “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Keeping the girl power alive were the Pussycat Dolls, who didn’t win any Blimps but did perform “When I Grow Up” and their version of the “Slumdog Millionaire” anthem “Jai Ho.”

Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Corbin Bleu and Ashley Tisdale were there to accept the Favorite Movie award for “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.” Hudgens also took home a Blimp for Favorite Movie Actress. “A quick shout-out to Lucas [Grabeel] and Monique [Coleman]. We love you guys,” Efron said to his missing castmates while accepting the award. “Thank you all for embracing ‘HSM.’ We love you guys.”

It was cute-boy overload as Efron presented the award for Favorite Music Group to the Jonas Brothers. “Thank you guys so much,” Joe said, before Nick added, “It’s been amazing. We’ve enjoyed the ride thoroughly.” More swooning ensued when “Gossip Girl” heartthrob Chace Crawford announced the JoBros’ performance. They rocked the crowd and made girls scream when they performed “S.O.S.” and “Burnin’ Up.”

It’s like whomever was writing that was trying to make each paragraph less interesting. I didn’t even go as far to talk about the huge Twilight ass-kissing that was going on. I don’t know about you, but when I watched the Kid’s Choice Awards way back when, there wasn’t any “Favorite Book” category. And even if there was, shouldn’t it be limited to the year the book came out?

Whatever, where Megan Fox goes, we follow, because she manages to look hot, even if it’s for a group of barely pubescent teens who wouldn’t know what to do to Megan Fox if they got within 3 feet of her.

Not that I know. I’d probably spit on her out of panic then forever tell the story of how Megan Fox got me arrested.