Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Might Be Done

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After dating for two years, Justin Timberlake and Jessica are allegedly on the verge of a breakup because Timberlake likes to flirt like a junior high girl. OK! Magazine reports:

“They aren’t split yet, but they are having problems,” a pal of Justin, 28, and Jessica, 27, tells OK!. “They’ve been fighting lately,” says another friend, adding that the main issue is JT’s incorrigibly roving eye. “Justin has always loved women – singing about them, looking at them, flirting with them. He can’t help it!” But does the “Sexy Back” singer know when to hit the brakes? “Jessica’s seen Justin flirt, but says it’s all in good fun,” the pal tells OK!. “But she has told him that if they get engaged, it’s got to end. Things seem a bit tense with them, but they’re trying to get past the rough patches.”…”Justin asked one of his longtime best friends how much time he’d need to give Jessica if he asked her to move out of their New York City apartment without seeming like a jerk.”

I don’t know, this article seems to be trying too hard to convince me that Timberlake is into chicks. I mean, he dated Cameron Diaz, so you can see how I might be a little skeptical. But not about Bigfoot, though. I totally believe he’s out there. Watching us…

Jessica Biel in a see through dress:

Why pictures of her famous Gear Magazine shoot? I hope you didn’t say that out loud: