Britney Spears is Desperate

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Much has been made about Britney Spears’ supposed “comeback” She’s on tour to promote her new album and she’s seemingly getting her life back together by cutting off all contact with people like Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi who drove her over the edge of madness. Oh, wait. No she’s not. The Sun reports:

LONELY BRITNEY SPEARS is still sending desperate messages to British snapper ADNAN GHALIB – despite an order for him to stay away from her. The singer has sent a barrage of text messages to Adnan begging him to help her get out of living under the control of her father. But Ghalib, 36, is unable to reply because he has been ordered by a judge not to communicate with Britney for three years. A source said: “She keeps sneaking messages to Adnan begging him to help her win back her freedom. “She says she is lonely and misses being able to date the men she chooses. She feels trapped. She has been begging him to meet her and help her come up with a plan to get out of her dad’s conservatorship. Some messages have got back to her via her hairdressers and style team – but Adnan cannot contact her otherwise he will face jail.”

Some people think the conservatorship is unfair, but this is why Britney Spears has to be locked up like an ape at the zoo. She has no concept of reality and the impulse control of a meth addict robbing a liquor store. Let the conservatorship end today, and by this time next week, Britney Spears will be riding down the middle of PCH on a tricycle waving a toy lightsaber because Jack-In-The-Box doesn’t offer a chocolate dipping sauce.