Links Beyonce’d Love To Wear

Space aged designs for Beyonce’s new tour make me feel bad that I spilled coffee on my t-shirt. [ImNotObsessed]

Now that I see the sign language demonstrated, I understand why deaf girls are hard to hit on. [EbaumNation]

Jimmy Fallon‘s not-funniness was momentarily saved by Anna Kournikova‘s hotness. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]

Goodbye Blender Magazine. We’re sorry your last cover had Kelly Clarkson on it. [JustJared]

Ashlee Simpson is a house mom…[FatBackMedia]

…while Jamie Lynn Spears doesn’t wanna get hitched. Either way, celeb babies are screwed. [GossipGirls]

Madonna has filed for her new adoption, which still makes no sense. [ICYDK]