Bruce Willis Picked Out Emma Heming

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It’s amazing when loves blooms naturally between a 54 year old man and a 30 year old woman. Just like it did with Bruce Willis and Emma Heming. Their eyes meet across the cafe then the strangers become lovers. Except in this case, Bruce Willis saw her headshot first and coerced casting to bring her to work at the cafe. Page Six reports:

“During the casting of ‘Perfect Stranger’ [the suspense movie Willis made with Halle Berry two years ago], Bruce was very involved with the casting. In fact, you could say he was extremely involved no matter how minor the role.” At Willis’ request, calls were placed to modeling agencies to fill the roles of extras and minor speaking parts. Our casting source said, “He personally went through head shots and when the girls were called in to ‘read,’ he was there in the meeting. It was odd for the star of a movie to do so, but at the time he was single and I guess he needed a date.” The casting sessions/blind dates went well enough. “He started dating [model] Tamara Feldman, with whom he coincidentally enough had a sex scene,” our insider said. Then, Heming was selected for a small speaking part. Willis “started dating both Tamara and Emma but obviously, Emma eventually won out,” the source said.

In other news, I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday and I picked out the most gorgeous lattice table linen! I guess Bruce Willis and I are just living the dream!