Links Vs. Iron Man Vs. Bruce Lee

So that’s what Elijah Wood has been up to. [EbaumNation]

Even pantsless, all I want Milla Jovovich to do is say “LeeLoo Dallas Multipass.” Site NSFW [TaxiDriverMovie]

What Oscar-winner was Natalie Portman caught making out with? [ICYDK]

Jay Stellers says: “I’m a workaholic. My boss told me that if he catches me drinking on the job again, I’m fired.” [CollegeHumor]

There’s no joke here: Where The Wild Things Are has a classic trailer. [BadAndUgly]

Raise your hand if you think Jennifer Aniston really swore off marriage.

I’ll wait.

Since you’re not using your hand, you can click this link. [FatBackMedia]

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Lindsay Lohan still wants us to think that her life is almost unbearably hard. [LaineyGossip]

With March Madness coming to an end, it’s time for 90s Movie Madness! [BestWeekEver]