Lindsay Lohan is Living The Dream

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If you gave Lindsay Lohan a Maserati, what do you think would happen to it? If you guessed “crashed within a week”, congratulations! You’re big winner! TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan’s bad luck continues … her new, $115,000 Maserati Quattroporte was smashed up some, courtesy of her assistant. P.S. Linds, it’s illegal in California to drive without a front license plate. Then again, that’s the least of your problems.

Fine, it was her assistant driving. Whatever. It’s probably only because she had to drive with Lindsay in the car. I can imagine it would be pretty difficult to pay attention to the road when your passenger is trying to fuck the gear shift and smoke something she found under the seat. My God, Lindsay? What is that?!

A cigarette and a Coke? Ooh, Lindsay, you’re such an enchantress!