Katy Perry Might Be Dating Josh Groban

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Katy Perry recently split with Travis McCoy (this dude), now she’s apparently dating that one guy who sings that one song. This sounded less boring in my head. The Sun says:

KATY PERRY is reportedly dating her “most embarrassing crush” – US singer-songwriter JOSH GROBAN. The pop babe has been single since splitting with long-term beau TRAVIS MCCOY during a make-or-break festive trip to Mexico. Heartbroken Katy subsequently took a vow of celibacy and swore off men for the duration of 2009, but rumours are mounting stateside she’s found love with Josh….”They’ve been trying to keep it very low profile.” Katy recently confessed Josh was her number one crush – and her most shameful one. She said: “Who’s my most embarrassing crush? I suppose it would have to be Josh Groban. “He is actually really cute!”

Katy Perry and her bigs tits aside, Josh Groban has another song, right? I mean, he’s been raised up enough, right? He can stand on a mountain and walk a stormy sea, what more do people want? Let the man sing another song. It’s like when I go to parties, and like clockwork, all the girls line up for me to give them orgasms. Can’t you guys see I’m good at other things, too?! Like woodworking and painting serene seascapes! God, why does everything have to be about you?!

Get raised up, bitches!