They Broke Up

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Beating her ass and choking her unconscious wasn’t reason enough to dump Chris Brown, but Rihanna has finally put her foot down and demanded that Brown fire his manager or lose her forever. You know his manager, the one that sent him the sexxxy text. Guess which one he chose? Surprise! Access Hollywood reports:

The R&B starlet was fuming over the news that Brown refused to break it off with 39-year-old manager Tina Davis, who reportedly sent Brown a tawdry message that sparked the Feb. 8 fight that left Rihanna bruised and bloodied, allegedly at the hands of Brown. A source told Access Hollywood that the Barbados-born singer gave Brown an ultimatum: It’s either her or me. “Rihanna spoke directly to Chris Brown,” said Mediatakeout Fred Mwangaguhunga, who claims to have exclusive knowledge of the situation. “She’s unhappy, and she has been for some time unhappy with the relationship that Chris Brown has with Tina Davis. …It’s not exactly clear whether or not it is a sexual relationship, but Rihanna has come out and given Chris Brown the ultimatum,” he said.

Man, I’m just as shocked as Rihanna is over this. How could Chris Brown do this? Seriously. You’d think a guy who put you in the hospital because you took his keys then went to go party in Vegas would be a little more compassionate and understanding. I need to go take a walk or skip some rocks in a lake, because I don’t think I can believe in true love anymore, my friends.