Jennifer Aniston Has a Pet Name For John Mayer During Sex

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John Mayer is reportedly in negotiations to write a tell-all book about his relationship with actress(?) Jennifer Aniston. Guess what name she called him in bed? Oh, I know! I couldn’t believe it either. Star Magazine reports:

“John just can’t keep his mouth shut,” a pal tells Star, “and he’s telling friends that he’s thinking of going public with all their juicy secrets.” So just what embarrassing info could John reveal? Well the fella who held an impromptu press conference on a New York City street the first time they split has a lot to say, as we detail in in our magazine. For one, Jen made a slip of the tongue calling John “Brad”… while they were in bed! He also knows all about her obsessive exercise regime, embarrassing TV viewing habits, devotion to astrology and numerology and has witnessed the actress throw fits! Then there’s the whole thing about their sex play…

I realize this story is coming from Star, but seriously, is there anybody out there who doesn’t believe this is 100% true? If you’re one of those people, sorry. You’re kind of an idiot. This chick can’t sit down for an interview without without mentioning Brad Pitt so of course she’s gonna pretend Brad still wants to have sex with her. I hate to break the news, but he doesn’t. He really, really doesn’t. Seriously, let that marinate. Because, well sweetie, shark attack victims have a faster recovery time than you.

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