Lindsay Lohan Was Dismissed

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Beverly Hills judge, Marsha Revel, dismissed the arrest warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan this weekend after Lohan’s lawyer showed proof that the actress(?) was attending alcohol education classes. Lindsay was found in compliance with her three year probation she received stemming from her second DUI conviction in August 2007. People reports:

“The warrant is quashed and set aside,” Judge Marsha Revel said. “I’ve seen additional proof … that Lohan has been compliant with [her] program. There is no indication of dirty [drug] tests.” The judge also ordered that Lohan show new proof of enrollment by April 3. On Friday, the court had issued a $50,000 arrest warrant for the actress, which her lawyer said was “born out of a misunderstanding.”

I’m just gonna raise my hand and ask exactly when this drunk is attending alcohol education classes? There’s like a billion pictures of her taken everyday and I have yet to see her entering or exiting any place that includes the word “education” or class”. It’s like some sort of mystery. Either her sponsor lives in a DJ booth, or this is just like the time Scooby Doo and the gang visit their friend Antonio in Italy. Why is Antonio haunted by the Ghostly Gondoleer, and why does it want to steal Antonio’s ancient family heirloom?!

Note: Be sure to check out the four year old picture of Lindsay that People uses for this article. The only Lindsay could look that hot again is if she fell into molten lava.