They Recorded A Duet

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A source close to producer Polow Da Don has confirmed that Rihanna and Chris Brown recorded a duet just days after Brown was officially charged with assaulting her on February 8th. Doctors at IDLYITW believe that Rihanna may have been knocked retarded. Investigation ongoing. MTV News says:

Don’s publicist said the singers — who reportedly reunited at a home owned by Diddy in Miami two weeks ago — completed the song earlier this week, though no other details were available on the track. A spokesperson for Don did not return requests for comment on the song, and spokespeople for Brown and Rihanna have declined to comment about the sessions. “My heart goes out to both Chris and Rihanna for what has happened in the past,” Polow said in a statement. “They are both great artists to work with, and I wish them well.”

On Wednesday, US Magazine reported these details of the song (How romantic!):

“The theme is about being stronger and growing stronger in a relationship,” a source tells Us. “The song was originally created for Rihanna before the fight. However, it wasn’t initially slated for Chris to be on the song.” Adds the insider, “The funny thing is, the song expresses the emotions that both Chris and Rihanna are feeling at this moment – facing challenges and overcoming the ups and downs of a relationship in which you become stronger.”

Man, I can’t wait to see this video. Mostly because every time she flinches it’ll be like a new dance. And right now, people need a new dance. Especially since I’ve won twelve Stanky Legg contests in a row. It just doesn’t seem fair. I’m a dancing machine!

Ok, ok, ok:

Chris Brown’s family entering a Los Angeles court for his trial:

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