Jessica Simpson is Desperate

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While she’s been on tour opening for Rascal Flatts, Jessica Simpson has been telling anyone in the audience who will listen that Tony Romo is the love of her life and how she wants to marry him and the spend forever skipping through a daffodil meadow. Mostly because her career mostly involves her movies going straight to DVD and her concerts not being able to sell out a high school gym. So of course Romo would propose on Christmas, right? New Year’s? Valentine’s Day? How about never. OK! Magazine reports:

“Jessica was really hoping that she was going to get an engagement ring,” says a source close to Simpson. “She wanted one for Christmas, then she thought maybe New Year’s Eve. Her last hope was that Tony would propose on Valentine’s Day–but he didn’t.”But she shouldn’t have been surprised. As OK! previously reported, Tony seemed distracted during a Feb. 13 dinner with Jess at NYC hotspot Waverly Inn, where he spent 15 minutes texting on his iPhone. “Jessica was not happy,” an eyewitness tells OK!, adding that the Dukes of Hazzard star tried desperately to get Tony to focus on her. “He just wasn’t picking up on the fact that she was starting to lose her patience.”…”You know, I really thought he was going to make it happen this time. I thought he was ready to propose,” Jess told Ashlee, according to a friend. “I know Tony loves me, but I don’t know if he’ll ever propose.” “Ashlee has always been the more realistic, more practical of the two sisters,” the insider tells OK!. “And Ashlee knows how much her sister wants to be married and have a baby of her own. But as wonderful as Tony is, he is not the marrying kind–probably not for years.”

Seriously, would anybody want to marry Jessica Simpson? I mean, she looks less fat in these pictures, but I’m pretty sure if you took an X-ray of her brain it would be a picture of a car on cinder blocks or a donkey being pushed up a hill.

Photo credit: Splash