Arresting Links!

Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively gets some bracelets put on her. [BadAndUgly]

Miley Cyrus needs her own space at 16. When I was 16, they finally unchained me from the radiator. [LaineyGossip]

Sharon Stone upskirts always make me want to rewatch Basic Instinct. The first one. Site NSFW. [TaxiDriverMovie]

Jennifer Love Hewitt is PREGNANT? And showing? How could I possibly be lied to? [ICYDK]

Mandy Moore married Ryan Adams, who I keep mistaking for Jason Mraz, which shows just how much I could care less. [ImNotObsessed]

The Kardashian sisters are despicable human beings, but no one is above peering at despicable humans when those humans have nice assets and are in bikinis. God will forgive you. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]

Tyra Banks was in an abusive relationship, but still doesn’t realize her narcissism is self-abuse. [FadedYouthBlog]