Kournikova Goes Balls Deep For KSwiss

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The face of KSwiss’ Spring/Summer 2009 campaign is sexy tennis star Anna Kournikova, who – at this point – might as well have a “only one shot with tennis balls” clause in her contract, because the balls jokes are getting to hairy easy.

Anna released the typical press statement: “I’m looking forward to working with K-Swiss, and am proud to be involved with a classic tennis brand, known for its performance, elegance and style.”

But didn’t stop to ask if “elegance” only went as far as you can make tennis props sexy.

I know I spent most the tennis section of my high school gym class using the school-owned rackets as a substitute for my junk and I humped the net.

If anyone asks, that’s why I got charged with sexual harassment in high school, not because of that rumor about me and Coach Bravo’s daughter. I swear I didn’t touch her, sir.