Rihanna Might Refuse To Testify

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Although Rihanna has given a detailed statement and the authorities have pictures of the beating, prosecutors are nervous that their case against Chris Brown could be damaged if Rihanna refuses to testify. Which, in case you haven’t deduced by now, seems like very strong possibility. People reports:

“The DAs are facing an uphill battle now if Rihanna isn’t cooperating,” says Steve Sitkoff, a Los Angeles defense lawyer and former prosecutor. “At this point, her cooperation can make or break the case. But the DAs may not need her if Brown is willing to strike a plea deal.” Brown was formally charged Thursday with two felonies – assault and making criminal threats. If convicted, he faces anywhere from probation to a maximum four years and eight months in state prison, prosecutors say….Experts say prosecutors will almost certainly subpoena Rihanna as a witness, but while she may be forced to appear she cannot be threatened with jail time – as is possible in a non-domestic violence case – if she refuses to take the stand. At most, she could be punished with fines or other sanctions, but a judge may be reluctant to do so. “If she refuses to testify, that could potentially jeopardize the DA’s case,” says Loyola Law School professor Stan Goldman. “Her statements to police about Brown having beaten her can only be used against him if she agrees to testify.”

I’m sorry, I tried to watch Lifetime today, but I still don’t understand the mindset of women when it comes to stuff like this. Hey, Rihanna. He beat your ass. The only difference is he got caught this time. I know he says he loves you, but you shouldn’t have to take PTSD medication every time you see a Lamborghini.