These Links Are Playing Through

If everyone played golf in a bikini like Diora Baird, I’m guessing I would spend more time at golf courses. Or any time. At all. [Egotastic]

Lindsay Lohan‘s life has entered reruns. [CityRag]

This Brit politician gets creamed on. I mean, Custarded-on. [Gawker]

Speaking of Brits, want to see some sweet ass on Lady Victoria Hervey? What gentleman doesn’t? Site NSFW. [TaxiDriverMovie]

MIA named her son Ickett which is a) stupid and b) reminds me of Wickett, the Ewok that spun-off Return of the Jedi into his own stupid movie. I guess that’s a) stupid and b) stupid. Verdict: stupid. [ICYDK]

I’m glad this isn’t really the poster for New Moon. Because it hits the latent “gay” nail right on the head. [ImNotObsessed]

Speaking of gay, someone needs to stop Zac Efron. [LaineyGossip]

Michelle Rodriguez asks a paparazzi how the dick sucking is going. I bet it was going well. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]