They Got Married

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Three weeks after Chris Brown became a verb, Rihanna flew to Diddy’s Miami mansion to be with the man who did this to her. Most reports coming out at that time believed that they were there to reconcile. Yeah, something like that. Star Magazine says:

…we report that the couple had a tearful face-to-face meeting at Diddy’s $14.5 million Miami mansion, during which an emotional Chris apologized, begged for forgiveness and proposed to her on the spot. “All she’s ever wanted was to be with him forever,” a source tells Star. “Rihanna is looking for the husband-and-two-kids deal before she turns 25. She believes in fairy tales, and she wants to live hers with Chris. She was totally up front and confessed to him, ‘I can’t live without you.'” The pair wasted no time making Rihanna’s fairy tale come true. They even called a minister to the mansion on exclusive Star Island!

I’ve seen a lot of Disney movies and I don’t remember any princess wishing upon a star to get married and have kids with the dude who choked them out because she took his keys. I don’t know the legality involved, but they might want to get another chapter added to Rihanna’s What To Expect When You’re Expecting book. Because, I’ve read it, and it doesn’t really seem to cover being drop kicked down a flight of stairs.

Chris Brown looking distraught and remorseful in Miami: