Awww, Chris Brown is Scared

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This just in: If you beat up a woman and put her in the hospital, a lot of people are gonna want to kick your ass. in Touch Weekly reports:

“Chris is scared,” says an insider. “Not only did he probably lose his career and his girlfriend, but he’s also fearing for his security and his life.” Chris, 19, who was arrested on February 8 for making criminal threats, has good reason to watch his back. After reports that he allegedly hurt Rihanna during an argument in a parked car, there have been calls for bans on his music as well as those who have vowed to seek revenge. “Chris is a marked man,” a music insider says. “He faces criminal charges and possible jail time, but he’s going to have to deal with Rihanna’s legion of fans and her close-knit friends in the industry.” And the leak of a police photo on February 19 of a bruised and bloodied Rihanna only made things worse. “That photo was the last straw,” the music insider says. “The threats started pouring in the moment that appeared online.”

I live in the South, and let me tell you, if Rihanna did, she’d have at least three older brothers who would have caved this little bitch’s head in at least twice by now. We may not drink pumpkin spice lattes or get penguin egg facials like all the highfalutin people in LA do, but if this happened down here the only thing Chris Brown would be scared of right now is that his morphine drip would run out.

Screw Chris Brown. Mr. T needs to teach him some respect for women. Tell ’em, Mr. T!!