Brad Still Loves Jen (Not Really)

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The much hyped and long-awaited(?) showdown between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie at the Oscars this weekend came and went without much drama. Mostly because even though Aniston had been planning for that night for months by cutting out magazine pictures and writing quotations on her dream board, Jolie had, you know, an actual reason to be there. Oh, and Angelina couldn’t give a shit. But did the night rekindle old feelings? OK Magazine says:

Jen couldn’t have cared less whether Angie was at the Oscars,” an insider tells OK! of their Feb. 22 run-in. “Her mind was fixated on her ex-husband Brad Pitt.”A radiant Jen seemed not to notice her so-called rival Angie, focusing instead on the man who has become a father of six since leaving her in 2005….And although Jen, 40, appears to have found love again with John Mayer, 31, she is still troubled by the past. “Once her eyes met Brad’s that night, it rekindled all the old feelings,” the source tells OK!. “She has never stopped loving Brad.”…However, the 45-year-old star of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button did not intend for his relationship with Angie to become so serious, so soon after his split from Jen. “Things just seemed to snowball and the next thing Brad knew, he had six kids,” the insider tells OK! of the shocking romance that blossomed on the set of the Jolie-Pitt action flick Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005. “There was no turning back.” And the feelings may be mutual! “Just because Brad was swept off his feet by Angelina, it didn’t mean he stopped loving Jen,” says the source. “He has this obsession with Angelina and he felt he had to explore a relationship with her

I’m so glad I can learn from Jennifer Aniston’s example of enduring love in my life. I’ll admit it will be hard, but when my girlfriend leaves me and has six kids in four years with some guy who is better than me in every possible way, I’ll know it’s because she just got caught up in the moment. And that her heart still belongs to me. Thanks, Jen!

Man, check out Brad. He looks so torn: