Dinosaurs Linking Robots

Is it possible a whole website exists where people can make pictures of dinosaurs having sex with robots paired with inspirational phrases? Of course, it’s the internet. NSFW? [DinosaursFingRobots]

Nipple teasing seems to be a hot trend amongst the celebrities. When will actual nipples be a trend? [CityRag]

I looked a Jim Belushi’s wife in a bikini to spite him for being on television so long. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]

Britney Spears has a Lousiana abortion? Who hasn’t? [CelebSlam]

Why would you want to buy Michael Jackson‘s stuff? Because rhinestone socks are so practical. [PopBytes]

Angelina Jolie is turning into a man. [JustJared]

Kate Moss has finally gained enough wight to wear a bra, which would be an okay joke, except it’s true. [ICYDK]

It’s M.I.A‘s little activist/hip-hop baby! This will be the last it’s mentioned. [PinkIsTheNewBlog]