Lesbian Fight To Start Off Valentine’s Day

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I’m kind of happy we didn’t fall into the hole of having to cover how Lindsay Lohan was cast in the Nightmare On Elm Street, said Just Jared yesterday, because all the film bloggers laughed up the ridiculousness and made Jared eat his words. So, now that things are back to normal…

Charlotte Ronson, the older fashion-designer sister of Samantha Ronson, had her Fashion Week show last night in New York. Lindsay Lohan accompanied SamRo to the show (I rhyme!). After that, the pair went to the Eldridge Lounge and left early this morning arguing like…

…well, like lesbians.

Lindsay was screaming: “I’m sorry! Forgive me!” as Sam Ro stormed off and towards their hotel. Oh yeah, it was late enough in the night, so technically Valentine’s Day. So, happy Valentine’s Day Samantha Ronson.

Any guesses as to what needs forgiving? Did she take a line then fall into a pit of erect dicks? I knew there was a pit of erect dicks somewhere on Eldridge Street, but I always get distracted by the wall of D-cup titties on Mott St.


Damn, that girl looks like she chose “poorly.”