Alessandra Ambrosio’s March Elle Spread

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Alessandra Ambrosio is the other Victoria Secret/Brazillian model that is going to be in the march pages of Elle Magazine, and although she doesn’t get to roll around in my bed like Adriana Lima got to yesterday, she does get some much cooler clothing, which would be great if I were having some clothing contest for hot Brazilian underwear models.

But, if you’re going to have a contest with hot Brazilian underwear models, it should at least be an underwear contest or nothing more. I might not know anything about Elle’s readership, but I want to apply to be their Photo Editor. I shouldn’t need a resume, I should just be able to pitch: “More Brazilian models.”

That’s not funny because it isn’t a joke. Hire me, print journalism, before you die!

[FashionSpot] via [ONTD]