Jessica Simpson Has a New Tactic

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Apparently tired of going on stage then immediately being called a fatass, Jessica Simpson performed last night wearing her PTA meeting clothes.

Jessica Simpson was in Charleston, West Virginia performing at her concert wearing tight jeans, high black boots, and a scarf hanging around her neck down to her thighs. She told the crowd that she has a guy in her life that reminds her that she is beautiful. And that she was a minister’s daughter and she was taught that all the judgment you went through doesn’t matter, what only matters is you and God.

Aww, you hear that? She has someone to tell her she’s beautiful. That’s sweet. Wait, Tony Romo means “beautiful” in a rainbow or sunset sort of way, right? Because you can say that stuff is beautiful without it expecting you to go down on it. Tony might want to clarify.

Photo/caption credit: Splash