Brooke Hogan is Living The Dream

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Hulk Hogan has spent untold millions and secured his daughter her own reality show to buy Brock Hogan a career as a pop singer. How’s it going you may ask? Tampa Bay’s The Juice says:

Brooke and her VH1 handlers are shooting an episode of Brooke Knows Best at the Florida State Fair on Feb. 6. Buy your tickets now! Wilson Media tells tbt* and The Juice* that the deal is “90 percent done,” but Hogan is “due to wrestle” Rick Flair’s son in a circus tent after the last show of the day by Circus Hollywood.

I hope no one is upset that Brock Hogan* career consists of wrestling dudes in circus tents in between hormone treatments. I mean, I hate the whole Hogan family, so this works out pretty well for me. If I ran over Nick Hogan by accident I’d jump out of my truck and start doing the robot and giving bystanders high-fives to make them think I did it on purpose.

Nice legs. Maybe somebody should tie them together and make a raft:

*fixed – Todd