Lindsay Lohan is the Picture of Health

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It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan has been dropping weight like an amputee lately, but don’t worry. She’s perfectly fine. Page Six reports:

LINDSAY Lohan looks teeny-tiny in recent photos, but her rep insists she’s not heading back to her scary- skinny period. Responding to rumors we heard that Lohan is “surviving on candy and Red Bull” and “completely stressed out” by her rocky relationship with Samantha Ronson, her flack in sisted she’s fine: “Lindsay is aware that she’s lost some weight due to stress, but we recently did a photo shoot and she ate two full meals.”

Man, I don’t know why everybody was so worried. You see? Lindsay just ate two meals. C’mon, she’s fine. The kid I sponsor in Uganda looks worse than this. But in Abinyo’s defense, his village doesn’t even have any restaurants. I keep mentioning in my letters that he should build some. I guess he’s just lazy.