Marisa Miller’s Photoshoot Makes Her The Hottest Melissa Miller

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Marisa Miller is another Victoria’s Secret model who was doing some sort of bikini-based photoshoot in Saint Barthelemy.

You know what can happen during your first cup of coffee, while you’re looking at photos of celebrities and watching the live broadcast of the Presidential inauguration?

You mess up. Real bad. Like I do. Daily.

This time, I happened to get so excited that there were so many Melissa Millers, that I never stopped to think that maybe this was Marisa Miller we were talking about.

Those of you that pointed this out: Thanks.

To be fair, Marisa Miller is still the hottest Melissa Miller, even though she isn’t one at all.

That’s I know, because when I searched for info on Melissa Miller, most responses I got were not for the Victoria Secret model.

There’s the Melissa Miller who does Eventing and other kind of horse-jumping.

There’s the painter Melissa Miller who prints on the University of Texas Press. She paints animals.

Of course, Melissa Miller Photography, the hometown version and Melissa Miller Photography the semi-pro version.

And Melissa Miller of Re/Max New York.

And Melissa Miller the imprisoned activist who insists she’s in jail for an inflated drug charge.

There’s lots of Melissa Millers, but I have the one who was in a bikini on the beach yesterday. Because that’s where my priorities lie, at least until I need to hire a photographer to take a portrait of my obese exterior.