Hayden Panettiere: Mixed Bag O’ Cleavage

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Something about the way Hayden Panettiere decides to display her chest occasionally bothers us. Anyone who has been following Hayden Panettiere throughout her rise to legal-adged stardom must have recognized in the back of their mind that tiny Hayden has got back and was blessed with a mug so pretty, you should call it a tea cup.

But the poor woman-girl just can’t figure out how to properly adjust the breasts. Sometimes they look fantastic, and we kind of want to touch them even if it means going to jail. Other times they de-evolve into looking like sagging pectoral muscles camping out betwixt her naturally-toned shoulders.

Yes, sometimes she looks like a little cross-dressing man, but at least then we kind of chuckle at this wee transvestite. Other times, we drool over a petite, well-shaped blonde. This Green Inaugural Ball dress strikes a chord with both camps.

Then, yesterday at the Declare Yourself par-tay, Hayden showed up in a cleavage-less dress, but did manage to turn around for photogs.

THAT’s what I’m talking about.