France Messes Up Again

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Katy Perry is in France for the NRJ Awards in Cannes. This is where they award American Pop Drivel with accolades from the European continent, which would have been fine, except France counts votes like Miami Dade county in 2000:

Perry collected the trophy for best international song at the NRJ Awards in Cannes, thinking she had won – but it was intended for Rihanna for Disturbia.

Host Nikos Aliagas said there had been a mistake in the vote-counting.

Perry did legitimately scoop the best international album prize, while other winners included Enrique Iglesias, the Pussycat Dolls and the Jonas Brothers.

You think she would have noticed when “Disturbia” was playing over the sound-system when she got up to receive the award, but she was probably distracted, thinking: “How could some unknown girl look better naked than I do?

Dita Von Teese called, she wants her bangs back.