I’d “If You Seek A” Her, Still

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Britney Spears is gearing up to take her crazy ass on tour, as well as prepping a video for her new single “If You Seek Amy.” Say it really fast, out loud…

Now we’re all on the same page.

A gum-flapper inside Brintey’s camp has leaked details about Brit’s new video:

“A concept is set and ready to go. Earlier this week a poster confirmed the director.

I will say this about the concept – it is brilliant. Very original and thoughtful. Should be a beautiful video while still being semi-taboo. Should also create some controversy (especially among fans). There will be the Jordans’ of the world who digest and analyze it a certain way and everyone else will view it another. That being said – Britney thought of this idea. Her management and label signed off of the treatment. Just keep that in mind in mid-March when you get to watch this gem.

Video shoot is scheduled for first week of February. Single released in mid-March. IUSA was decided, literally, at the last minute. Let’s hope that UY is the fourth, and not OFU (well I personally hope, at least).”

Rumors persist that the director is Jake Nava, who has done dozens of “important” videos like “Crazy In Love” and “Milkshake.”

Whatever, these tour pictures are making a believer out of me, because those abs are wicked toned. She may be crazy, but everyone who spends that much post-pregnancy time on their abs is mildly insane. Doesn’t mean part of me doesn’t want to lick them.