Blake Linkly and Her Lively Links

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Yeah, the post title sucks, but do you want pictures of Blake Lively or not?

Ben Affleck is picking up his daughter from day care these days and staying the hell out of our movies. Family first, thank god. [LaineyGossip]

Nicollette Sheridan doesn’t have any sweatpants on. [HollywoodTuna]

One man acapella Zelda theme is surprisingly complex [CollegeHumor]

I think this is the first camel toe round-up of 2009. [CityRag]

LiLo‘s new look on set is something we can’t get behind. Or in front. Or inside. [PinkIsTheNewBlog]

Rob Pattinson in the bath. I didn’t watch the full video. [I’mNotObsessed]

Would you rather motorboat Gemma Garrett, Minka Kelly or Salma Hayek? [Bastardly]

Miranda Kerr is too hot for Olando Bloom. [Popoholic]