Anne Hathaway Should Shut Up

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This story is a few days old now, but it pisses me off, so here it is. Anne Hathaway, an ardent Obama supporter, has her panties in a wad over Obama’s choice of Rick Warren as the clergy to say the prayer during his inauguration. Want to know her bold tactic? FOXNews reports:

“I am against it,” Hathaway told me at the after party last night amid champagne toasts to her, to Streep, and to her “Rachel” co-star Rosemarie Dewitt. “My older brother is gay, and so its a family issue for me. My father is coming with me to the Inauguration. At first we discussed not going, and then we thought we’d just turn our backs when he [Warren] speaks. But we didn’t want to be disrespectful. So we’re going to wear ribbons protesting his appearance.”

Being a self-loathing whitey must be bad enough, but man it must be draining to hate and be offended by anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with you. You’re right, Rick Warren should be pulled apart by horses because he thinks it’s uncool for your brother to drunk dial dudes. If you feel so strongly about it, you should do something. Like the times when I meet people who preach that all guns should be banned and that they would never have a gun in their house. I tell them that’s a good idea and that if they really want the world to know their stance, they should put a sign in their front yard that says “No Guns in This House”. To my surprise, no one has agreed to do it yet. In their defense, the bumper sticker on their Prius and the t-shit under their cardigan already kinda says the same thing.

Note: Wow, maybe I should lay off the Red Bull.