Brad and Angelina Already Married?

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In news that may make Jennifer Aniston put on some Tori Amos and a tube in her tailpipe, Brad Pitt and Angelina might already be married after Taraji Henson, Pitt’s co-star in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, referred to Brad Pitt as Jolie’s husband twice during an interview. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Jack Black, one of Angelina’s co-stars, let in slip that Jolie was having twins during an interview at Cannes last year. Oh, those co-stars. They say the darndest things! The Sun reports:

In true JACK BLACK-style, TARAJI HENSON – who appeared alongside Brad in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button – referred to the actor as Angie’s “husband”. Not once, but twice. Taraji told Hollyscoop she’d offered her babysitting services to the Tomb Raider beauty and had already informed her “husband”. She quickly altered Brad’s status to Angie’s “life partner” before once again calling him her “husband”. Realising her verbal blunders, Taraji quickly moved on to another subject.

Of course they’re married. Why wouldn’t they be? They have like twenty kids and they genuinely seem to love each other. So, I’m not really sure why Brad Pitt would want to keep something like this hidden. It’s Angelina Jolie, man. I bet when she opens her legs it looks the same as when somebody opened that briefcase in Pulp Fiction.