Jennifer Love Hewitt Won’t Be Long Now

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Two days after the surprising news that Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiance’, Ross McCall, had split, sources say Hewitt is moping around set all sad and depressed. Score! People says:

…a source on the set of her hit show The Ghost Whisperer says the actress is “having a tough time” in the wake of her breakup with fiancé Ross McCall. “She is usually very bubbly, but she is more quiet and seems sad,” the source says. “She usually hangs out with the crew between takes, but [Tuesday] she is only hanging out with her bodyguard.”

Ok, so this can turn out one of two ways. Either science will have to use alien technology to design special elastic for her pants, or she gets super skinny again and finally accepts Playboy’s long standing offer to show her tits. Either way, the good news is that she’s vulnerable and insecure right now, so anal is on the table. So feel free to ask her out. I mean, I would, but she has a brother named “Todd”. And I could see how that might cause an awkward pause when I have her knees pinned to her ears while inquiring about the ownership of her vagina.