Did Lindsay Lohan Break Up With Samantha Ronson?

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Ok, here’s the lowdown on our favorite batsh*t crazy lesbians. Ever since Sam Ronson was hospitalized for “exhaustion,” the prevailing theory I have is that Lindsay Lohan is simply exhausting. And, if you think about it, that makes horrible sense.

I have no idea what Lindsay Lohan does with her time, but outside of a line of leggings, she’s mostly been fodder for sites like us, and self-hating lesbians who can throw their attractive, little arms in the air and say: “If Lindsay and Sam can’t make it, there’s no chance for me and [lover’s name].” Though, you can always come to me for the conversion…

But, I digress.

Nik from The Dirty was in the passenger seat of a New Year’s Eve spat between Lindsay and Sam Ro while they were DJ’ing a party at Mansion in Miami, and he happened to be in the middle of something he classifies as a breakup:

When I started talking to Sam, Lindsay came up and started yelling at me “That’s my girlfriend. I love her!” and thought I was trying to steal her woman. I was trying to tell her to chill out, but she was out of it (high in my opinion). She started yelling at Sam telling her she wanted her gone and then she told all the security that she wanted Sam out of there. Sam told me not to worry about Lindsay because she’s nuts. Lindsay yelled at Sam again and Sam flipped her off. That totally pissed off Lindsay and she wound up leaving the club with some dude with long black hair, a blonde chick and a brunette chick. Sam was left there by herself and I felt kinda bad for her. Sam jetted not too much lomger after leaving the DJ’ing to some random dude. So, in my opinion they broke up on New Years.

There is sweet, sweet video of the incident, featuring a flailing Lohan and another account of this one long bitch-fest going all the way to the airport.

Have they broken up? Do I have another chance at Lohan (assuming I triple-bag it?)?