Who Wants To Kill Tom Cruise?

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Due to several death threats received from groups opposing Scientology and Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Nazi officer, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, in his new film Valkyrie, Cruise and his family are reportedly living in fear and are now residing in different locations and only travel in bomb-proof vehicles. The Daily Mail reports:

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that security has been stepped up around Cruise, 46, Holmes, 30, and their two-year-old daughter Suri…Last week Cruise attended the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, which was targeted by protesters from the anti-Scientology group Anonymous. He has been forced to increase security around his family since then. “The threats are perceived to be so great that the FBI has been alerted,” said a source. Cruise is due to fly to London for the UK premiere on January 21. “Tom is terrified. He doesn’t feel safe anywhere,” the source added. Cruise has spent $10 million on an underground bunker in the grounds of his estate in Colorado. In August, threats were made to place anthrax in the air vents of his Los Angeles office.

Just five years ago, Tom Cruise was one of the world’s most beloved movie stars, starring in one critical and commercial hit after another. Now he’s gonna get killed because he believes that lotion and Tic Tacs cure autism and that the devil flies around in an intergalactic DC-8 spaceship dropping hydrogen bombs into volcanoes. I can see how some people would have a problem with that. Not a problem, however, is the homeless guys I hunt on my private island. Their signed release of liability forms were designed to protect them just as much as me. I know, I know.. Sometimes I’m guilty of caring too much.

Katie Holmes in Manhattan wearing some questionable shorts: