Samantha Ronson is Exhausted

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Samantha Ronson was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center yesterday. Her publicist also rushed to think of a good reason. Life & Style reports:

“Friends of celebrity DJ Sam Ronson tell Life & Style they received frantic phone calls last night that the DJ was suffering from exhaustion and stress. “She was calling around. She knew she had done something wrong,” the friend tells Life & Style. Early this morning, doctors were immediately called to the house. “She’s been suffering from depression and from lack of food and sleep. Gal pal Lindsay Lohan has been helping her through this as she has been through it herself two years ago.” Friends, family and Lindsay Lohan are by her side. A rep for Lindsay Lohan did not want to comment.”

Yeah, I’m sure “exhaustion” was it. How could it not be? In fact, I was just watching CNN and they said exhaustion was the leading cause of hospital visits for privileged white girls who were born rich. They just do too much, the report went on to say.

Lindsay and Samantha out clubbing on December 17th:

Photos: Splash