Rehab Is For Quitters, Not Tara Reid

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Ladies and gentleman, Tara Reid. She went from American Pie hottie to stupid-looking party girl with bad boob-jobs and liposuction pretty damn quick. She was saved from living through a Britney-like spiral because she had no real talent in the first place, and if we want to watch someone skank-n-spiral out, we’re sure we have some distant relatives somewhere who will be happy enough to oblige.

That’s what made us not take any notice last Friday when Us Weekly received a statement from Reid’s representation (can you imagine telling your friends at parties that you work for Tara Reid of Taradise fame?): “Tara Reid has checked herself into Promises Treatment Center. We appreciate your respect to her and her family’s privacy at this time.”

How much privacy you ask? Well, not enough privacy that we didn’t get these pictures of her partying at Rok Bar in South Miami Beach. These were sent to us as pictures of Tara Reid’s birthday party, and dated December 15th – two days ago.

And we haaaaaaate to bring this up, but Tara Reid’s birthday is actually November 8, 1975, which means this birthday party is over a month late, or someone is trying to spread the rumor that Reid is out of rehab.

Despite our Tara Reid fact-checking abilities, we’re apt to believe that Reid is NOT in rehab anymore.

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