Emma Watson Wants To Get Naked

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Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films and other stuff, has said in an interview that she’s ready to get naked. On film. The Daily Mail reports:

“She only turned 18 eight months ago, but Harry Potter star Emma Watson is already considering stripping off on screen. In what many might see as further evidence of the pressure on women in the industry, the young actress admits she is prepared to go nude – if the role demands it. The news will shock fans who have watched her grown up as Hermione Granger in the series of JK Rowling adaptations and still think of her as a child. But when asked by a Sunday magazine if she would ever film naked, she admitted: ‘Yes. For Bernardo Bertolucci. It … depends. ‘I’m not getting my kit off any time soon, but it is part of my job. ‘I’m at a strange age. I’m not a woman yet, but I’m not a girl any more. ‘They [film companies] say: “Oh, in a couple of years you’ll be perfect for this.”

I don’t know if FEMA needs to get involved here or not, but I’m pretty sure if Emma Watson got naked while wearing a wizard hat, there would be what the survivors would later call, a “Nerd Apocalypse.”