Britney Spears is a Real Pro

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Britney Spears made her much-hyped appearance on the British hit, X-factor, this weekend, and who wants to take a guess how it turned out? Here’s a hint: Britney Spears. The Sun reports:

“When Britney, 26, performed her single Womanizer on the live talent contest, she MIMED…badly. And she also SNUBBED contestants — by rehearsing in private and later revealing she hadn’t even watched them sing her hits. Finally, she SCARPERED minutes after Saturday’s show and went to London’s G.A.Y. club. Britney — in a Rolling Stones T-shirt — failed to sing even though 1,500 fans chanted her name and gave her a cake for her birthday on Tuesday. But behind the scenes, her comeback album’s title Circus looked particularly appropriate. Special guest Britney refused to use a Winnebago motorhome at the studios in North West London, like other stars. She was given Cowell’s green room as a dressing room. After Saturday’s first show, her minders even sealed off the corridor outside. An insider said: “You have never seen so many heavies. “Even around the judges’ dressing rooms was sealed off by Britney’s security people. When the judges went to meet her, her security wouldn’t let anyone past.” When they finally met, Cowell asked the troubled star if she had seen the five acts perform her songs. Britney replied: “No”. The insider said: “Everyone was stunned she admitted that she hadn’t watched the show. There’s a TV in the dressing room. “Simon tried to have a conversation, but Britney was pretty vacant. In the end he just walked off.”

Please, can’t we just agree to stop with all this? Britney isn’t back, Britney isn’t on her way back, and Britney will never be back. Her career is a Wal-Mart employee working on Black Friday. There are only so many times you can try to resuscitate it before you realize that everybody is already shopping for something else.

Britney performing at the Bambi Awards in Germany, Nov. 27: