Jennifer Garner Has a Stalker

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Steven Burky, the man who has been stalking actress Jennifer Garner since 2002, now has had a permanent restraining order placed against him. Burky, who writes a blog called, Satanic Panic, and who once showed up at Garner’s house to tell her about his dream of her being killed, is now under a 5150 psychiatric hold. TMZ reports:

“Garner’s lawyer, Blair Berk, just appeared in downtown L.A. court and got an order against Steven Burky, prohibiting him from having contact with Garner for three years. Law enforcement tells us Berky is currently under a 5150 psychiatric hold. Under the permanent order, Burky must stay 100 yards away from Garner, Ben Affleck, daughter Violet, the nanny, housekeeper, and others. He can’t go near her home, the kid’s school or her workplace.”

Wow, this guy is pretty smooth. In his letters, he paints a romantic picture of love and dreams and undying passion. However, not in his letters, the Thai hooker on his couch with the cut out picture of Jennifer Garner’s face is in fact dead, and he’s finding it increasingly difficult to masturbate and pause Alias at the same time.

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