Brad Pitt Wants Jennifer Aniston To Shut Up

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In the December issue of Vogue, Jennifer Aniston was quoted as saying Angelina Jolie was “very uncool” for bragging about her relationship with Brad Pitt. Apparently that was a rallying cry for scorned women everywhere, because she then went on Oprah and said the same thing. Brad Pitt is not having it. Star Magazine says:

“Angie is so sick and tired of Jen going out of her way to make her and Brad look bad, and she told him he had to call Jen and straighten her out,” an insider tells Star. “So Angie forced Brad to make the unpleasant phone call to Jen. “He went off on her,” reveals a source. Brad was so upset, his voice was quivering, says another insider.”

Star also claims to know the real reason that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split (hint: it’s not Angelina Jolie):

“In late 2003 — before Brad started filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angie — Brad left Jen behind while he went to a Vanity Fair party in Los Feliz, Calif. But he wasn’t alone for long. A source tells Star that Brad began chatting up a very sexy party planner, and then the two disappeared together. In fact, Jen’s best friend, Courteney Cox, even sent her husband, David Arquette, to look for Brad. When Brad finally came back to the party, “everyone was whispering about what had gone on between him and that girl.” It was whispers like this that made Jen rethink starting a family with Brad, even though he was really pushing for it. “She held off on having kids because she wanted to wait until she was sure Brad wasn’t being unfaithful,” says the source. “But she could never regain that trust, and she just didn’t want to bring a child into that mess.”

Seriously, does anyone care anymore? Brad Pitt is banging Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston is taking out ads to get a date. There’s nothing more to see here. The media fascination is something I don’t understand. Also something you can’t understand – how I could just kill a man.

Brad Pitt (with porn ‘stache) and Angelina Jolie at the Changeling photocall in London: