Jayden James is Out of the Hospital

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Britney Spears’ son, Jayden James, was released from the hospital last night more than 24 hours after he was found “vague and unresponsive” at her parent’s home in Louisiana. People reports:

“A source close to the Spears family has told us that Britney and family have left the Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center,” says the update. “Jayden is fine. “Spears was photographed outside the facility Monday evening, cradling her youngest son as they entered a waiting SUV. A source tells PEOPLE the boy was hospitalized overnight after suffering a “terrible allergic reaction” to something he ingested.”

So, “something he ingested,” huh? That sounds about right. That’s what happens when you don’t watch a 2 year old. I figured it would be something like this. It was either gonna be poison or Jayden fell when he was crawling across the beams of a skyscraper.

Photos: Splash