Jessica Biel is Hot Again, Everyone is Happy

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Ever since Jessica Biel started dating Justin Timberlake she’s looked like a recent divorcee who lost her job at Sears and is contemplating mixing her wine with something from under the kitchen sink if it wasn’t for the love of her cats and a response to her Craigslist ad. I don’t know what that means, but I bet it seems it would be really unattractive. I guess it’s because Timberlake is more comfortable when he’s the prettier one because he secretly wishes Jessica were a man. Who knows? It’s just sad that she was at a parking lot in Hollywood on Saturday and looked better than she’s looked in months. She’s in jeans and a ponytail, but there’s no getting around those lips and that ass. Unless of course she had on a suit of armor or a Buzz Lightyear costume. Then we could only assume that was Justin’s idea.