Lindsay Lohan is Fired

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No doubt the result of this, sources at ABC have confirmed that Lindsay Lohan has been fired from Ugly Betty. Her episodes which have already wrapped will air as planned. E! Online reports:

“It’s true. Sources close to ABC’s Ugly Betty confirm to me that Lindsay Lohan has been cut from the show. “They don’t plan to have her back for more episodes,” says a high-level insider. According to my sources, the main driving force for this decision is that Lindsay was not gelling creatively with the series. “She was not so interested in creating a character,” another reliable insider close to Betty tells me. “She was more interested in just playing herself, and that doesn’t work on a show like this with such heightened reality.”

Producers of the show, being the professionals they are, released the following simple, damage controlled statement:

“Lindsay wrapped up her arc, and she’s done filming. She did a great job, and we enjoyed having her. Viewers can look forward to her episodes tonight and next week.”

Well, that didn’t take long. In 2004 Lindsay Lohan was one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood. In 2008 she’s engaged to a girl who looks like a dude and she just got fired from a show that’s about a Mexican. I wonder what she has in store for 2012? If I had to guess, I’d say a compromised immune system and a phone call with a hostage negotiator.