Anne Hathaway’s Ex is Smooth

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If you’ve asked yourself what would Raffaello Follieri’s defense be for wire fraud and money laundering that resulted in him bilking millions from investors and using it to travel the world on private planes, lavish luxurious gifts on friends and family, and buying everything that Anne Hathaway’s heart desired? Simple. Be very, very stupid. AP says:

“Prosecutors said Monday they were surprised the former boyfriend of actress Anne Hathaway sent a judge a photo of himself and the pope while seeking leniency for cheating investors of millions of dollars by claiming he could buy Catholic Church property on the cheap. They urged the judge Thursday to impose the more than four years in prison that Raffaello Follieri agreed to when he entered a guilty plea last month rather than the three years his defense lawyers requested in a recent submission of their own. The prosecutors said Follieri included pictures of the pope and other clergymen even though his claims of Vatican ties were the foundation of his fraud. “This is surprising because Follieri used these same photographs and connections in order to defraud investors and now seeks to use them in an effort to obtain a reduced sentence,” they said.”

Wow. Now that you’ve read that quote, please keep in mind that Anne Hathaway dated this idiot for four years. Four years. Man, I can’t wait until I meet her. It should be pretty easy to talk her into anal. My picture of me and Jesus at his bachelor party is way better than some picture of the Pope.

Hathaway and Follieri in June 2008:

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